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Best Tattoo Removal in Lexington & Georgetown KY!

Getting a tattoo is a commitment. It’s not only an involved and painful experience having the design etched on one’s skin, but the artwork is more or less permanent. Unfortunately, despite all that, many people still change their mind about their tattoos and want them removed. Fortunately, thanks to current technology, tattoo removal is now possible. For those who want to “erase” their skin art, here is some useful information.

Reasons for tattoo removal

People have their tattoos removed for a variety of reasons. Some just get sick of how the tattoos look, while others need to get rid of their skin art for their jobs or lifestyle adjustments. Others just don’t like the finished product.

Tattoo removal technique

Tattoos are composed of ink pigments injected into the skin with a needle. The procedure has similarities with how a sewing machine works. Depending on the design and client’s pain threshold, it can be an arduous and painful process, and results can be mixed.

Meanwhile, removal process such as utilized in DermAsap is painless and involves using a laser that targets the colored skin cells with high-intensity infrared light. Laser tattoo removal typically requires multiple visits, the number of which is contingent on the type and color of ink used, tattoo location, the tattoo’s vibrancy (older tattoos tend to be relatively faded) and the color of the patient’s skin, as some skin colors are more responsive than others.

For best results, patients should ask their doctor questions about the process and if there are any side effects to be expected as there are instances of temporary swelling or blisters which subside after a while. The healing and removal procedure varies according to the individual, the tattoo, and even the laser used, so it’s best to ask several reputable doctors before committing.

We at Advanced Skin & Vein Care Centers performed successful Tattoo Laser Removal in  Lexington area more than all other clinics combined! Call 859-554-0519 for free consultation. 

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