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Anti Aging Management in Lexington & Georgetown KY

Regenerative and Integrative Medicine olderCouple We believe that medical treatment of the future will be about identifying and treating medical conditions before they manifest themselves. In spite of that we treat and diagnose many clients have complex metabolic disorders. And, although we are confident that almost everyone will benefit from optimizing hormonal health, some of our patients have underlying aggravating factors that will need to be addressed before or during our world-renowned Adult Hormone Deficiency treatment programs. Your body completely rebuilds itself every 7 years. What are the tools you are using to build your foundation? Advanced Skin & Vein Care Centers can help you to use nature’s most powerful components to address underlying causes of disease and restore your mental, emotional and physical health. Using the best that integrative medical science has to offer, our doctors understand that the cells and organs of the body have the innate ability to heal and defend. We use state of the art laboratory testing, clinical nutrition, premium quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals, botanical therapies, nutraceuticals and when required traditional prescription medications. Our individualized protocols are designed to eliminate symptoms, improve quality of life, and actually regenerate your health to “optimal wellness”. These personalized consultations and treatments are tailored to individual needs and are offered separately and in addition to our Concierge Hormonal Programs.  Call Age Management Center today at 859-554-0519 

for a free screening with our Regenerative Medicine experts, and see what you can do to restore and repair your foundation for the next 7 years and beyond. 

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