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The Benefits of PDO Thread lift

Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they are getting older. It happens slowly: you see yourself every day for many years and notice no changes, and then all of the sudden realize that you’re different. A NovaThreads procedure can correct some of these small changes without surgery or extensive downtime and help you feel like yourself again. Find out why NovaThreads is the procedure that everyone has been talking about: contact Pristine Med Spa today to schedule a consultation appointment. What is it? NovaThreads is a procedure whereby thin dissolvable surgical threads are injected into the skin. The goal is to fill out wrinkles and to lift wrinkles. The purpose of this treatment is to give a person subtle changes to their face or on their body. It will leave a person walking out looking more refreshed without looking like they received a cosmetic procedure. This procedure is so effective that it was featured on the hit television show The Doctors. What’s the Procedure Like? The NovaThreads procedure starts by the doctor numbing the patient’s face with ice. Then a needle that already has a thread attached to it is inserted into the top layer of the patient’s skin. Since there are not a lot of nerve endings in this part of the face, if a person opts to, they can have the procedure performed without any numbing cream. However, numbing cream is available for those who opt to use it. After the thread has been strategically placed, the needles are removed. These threads simultaneously pull back the skin and stimulate the body’s natural healing process The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes. Patients immediately see changes in their face. They see a slight increase in volume and wrinkles diminish. However, it does take a few weeks before the final results are evident. What can it Treat? In addition to being used on the face, NovaThreads can be used on the jowls and on a sagging neck. Again, patients are happy to see the immediate tightening effect, and they also can look forward to seeing further improvements as the weeks go on. Want to learn more information about the many benefits of a NovaThreads treatment? Contact Advanced Skin and Vein Care Centers today to schedule a consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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