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Nose Job with PDO threads, Lexington Kentucky

What is a nose thread lift?

Nose thread lifting is a quick and simple nonsurgical procedure with minimal downtime. Modern threads are made from absorbable polymers like polydioxanone (PDO)—the same materials comprising surgical sutures. “PDO dissolves over the course of four to eight months, depending on its thickness and attachments, and most people do not have allergic reactions to PDO suture material. Unlike with rhinoplasty surgery, there is no general anesthesia involved. Once the nose is anesthetized with a topical anesthetic, the threads are inserted using a cannula. The number of threads and the areas of the nose where they are placed will depend on the patient’s anatomy and goals, but in most cases, multiple threads are injected, sometimes over the course of several sessions. “For nose lifts or correction of a droopy tip, Dr. Sara typically use three threads, inserting from the tip of the nose toward the bridge in a V fashion, to provide vertical and lateral support.

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